MEET SANDY THE BARTENDER aka Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

From Bartender to the U.S. Congress District 14

Sandy the bartender is also Sandy the Socialist, a card-carrying member of the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America) who wooed bar patrons with her charms, especially one of her regulars, Scott Starrett, a former nonprofit graphic designer who was enamored by her “infectious presence.

“Everyone just loved Sandy,” Starrett said. “She had an infectious kindness, an infectious presence.” (source)

Sandy mastered the impromptu rant and honed her combative conversation style while 

tending bar at a taco pub. Her good looks and flirty girl sex appeal made her an instant media hit with the in-crowd and the Hispanic community. At 28 years old, Sandy became Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) the Hispanic hottie running for the 14th Congressional seat in a community of nearly 50% Hispanics. Sandy’s political experience involved an intern position for womanizer Ted Kennedy and a campaign volunteer for Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Cortez believes that working in a bar and dealing with all the “harassment” prepared her for political life—hey sweetie give us another round here. She had a knack for chiming in on her patron Scott Starrett’s political conversations for obvious reasons. Together they would create Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and retire Sandy the taco bartender. Starrett’s skills as a graphic designer and creative design consultant molded and shaped Cortez’s visual identity and campaign using the same techniques employed by slick Madison Avenue marketing firms that keep you eating and drinking the stuff that is really bad for you. Starrett’s creative skills helped him literally take an unqualified candidate for public office that has no business ever being elected and pawn her off as a qualified candidate. Starrett believes that everything in life “is made up of a series of ideas and choices.” Using slick slogans and vivid imagery he transformed Sandy the bartender into a believable candidate who lacks experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Starrett’s business philosophy is simple, “I realized human beings were making it up as they went… and I wanted in on it.” Having a 49.8% Latino demographic in the 14th District would make Starrett’s work a cakewalk if he could connect with the ethnicity factor—he did. Congrats to Starrett for hoodwinking the electorate into to electing a candidate who proposes closing airports and eliminating air travel to save the planet—you can take the train or monorail.

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The Starrett/Cortez campaign offered no innovations but borrowed from the old standard themes of seductive rhetoric that draws upon the tactics of divisive class warfare including a passionate promise to strip the evil rich of their wealth. Add in a few Trump hating salvos and a splash page touting a political revolution to overthrow the broken government and its wealthy owners and you’ve got a hybrid Socialist/Communist manifesto. The rebranding of a socialist taco bartender to a democratic congressional candidate succeeded. Unfortunately, the dazzling slick imagery campaign distracted from reason and gave Cortez a pass. No one bothered to look under the hood and see what they were really buying, at least not until now, and oh my goodness we’ve been duped. 

Two key factors played out well for Starrett’s branding campaign that morphed the passionately loony bartender into a seemingly believable viable candidate. (1) Form (the visual image design aspect) was a given; the hottie Latino bombshell would mesmerize the electorate with her “infectious presence.” Cortez’s attractive appearance would certainly woo the voters just as it wooed Starrett and his drinking buds at the taco pub. (2) Substance, (content) would require Cortez to parrot the proven rhetoric of the far left commie pinkos that promises everything and delivers nothing. It’s the old cradle to grave socialist propaganda. Let’s take a closer look at some Cortez’s ridiculous promises in operation hoodwink.

Abolish ICE / Immigration Reform Amnesty 

Over 500,000 illegals were arrested trying to cross the border in 2018, according to U.S. Custom and Border Protection. This is a serious crisis that Cortez and the Democratic Socialist are lying about and pretend does not exist. Moreover, Cortez wants to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency ICE and allow all illegal aliens in the United States and all who are trying to illegally enter the country to become citizens. No border security, no walls. Everyone is welcome to walk in ahead of all the legal immigrants that are waiting in line to enter. This type of ridiculous barroom banter is what you would expect to hear in a taco pub, but it has no place in governing a country. The unbridled illegal aliens have been pouring into the U.S. for years by the millions and we need to legally and properly control the flow. These caravans headed toward the border are organized by leftist socialist organizations from the United States. Certainly, when Cortez vowed to shut down ICE in her 50% Latino community they were elated with the idea and it galvanized her Latino base. Listen, folks, there are rules and laws on how to enter the U.S. and everyone needs to follow them.

Medicare For All – Even Free to Any Who Refuse To Work

Free health, dental, vision, abortions, and mental health care for all who are unwilling (too lazy) to work will be paid for by the working class stiffs who are willing to work and support their families and the folks across the street that are unwilling to get a job. This is pure Marxism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Don’t panic, the federal government is going to manage the whole process. A little box will appear on your check stub called Universal Health Care (UHC) and more money than you could ever imagine will be sucked out of your earnings to pay for those who claim they can’t work (currently 49 billion annually in Medicare fraud) and those who are unwilling and refuse to work. When Obama Care was implemented, my insurance premiums doubled in one year and continue to soar. We were forced to purchase an Obama Care policy with a $6,600 deductible, and 70/30 coverage and few doctors accepting the policy. As always, the working class stiff picked up the cost of those who didn’t want to work and we paid for their free insurance through increased premiums.

Free Education Through College, Trade, or Votech

Free education is not free. It must be paid for by the working stiffs. This means yet another box on your check stub for the ED Fund. On average 16 million attend public college so the in-state and out-of-state average cost per student is roughly $15,672 annually or $25o.7 billion shared between the 150 million taxpayers of which as much as one-half pay little to no taxes. That number will double for program administration cost and increased student applicants signing up for the free ride. These estimates are conservative. We could see as much as $750,000 billion if the government manages the program.

New Green Deal Disaster 

Before you start gulping the Kool-Aid, the NGD is not Cortez’s document, she is not the author. She is a puppet sponsor. Socialists have been unsuccessfully demanding its contents in various forms for years. The NGD has hijacked the global warming hoax to indict all Americans while mandating the complete elimination of the combustion engine, air travel, airports, cows, and all co2 emissions. Yet there is no concrete evidence that the earth’s alleged 1.5-degree temperature increase (over 130 years) is caused by co2 gasses or that there is actually an increase. In the past 130 years, the mean (average) earth’s temperature has risen about 0.8 degrees. According to IBD, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been cooking the data for years to show a politically correct trend toward global warming. It is thought to be a statistical fraud. I dare anyone to show me the facts, the raw data that has been collected since 1880. Show me the scientific methodology. America deserves to see every number, every fact and when they do they will know it is a hoax! Honestly, folks, Global warming is an unproven hypothesis, a theory, not real science. It’s an assumption that is without provable science to support it. The numbers are skewed.

Federal Jobs Guarantee $15 Per Hour

Guaranteed government-funded jobs at $15 per hour and a full benefits package for anyone that signs up, no one turned away. Consequently, all private companies would be forced to increase their compensation to match and exceeded the government’s program or face losing their workers to higher paying jobs. Inflation would soar to cover the increased cost while some companies would close or go bankrupt because they couldn’t afford to match $15 per hour and the full benefits package. Funding for this program would come from the working stiffs paycheck because the government is currently running a $779 billion deficit for 2018. Another little box would need to appear on your check stub to pay for this program.

In Summary

Sandy the bartender and Scotty the graphic designer spent many days at the taco pub forging their relationship and planning to seize the Latino minds of the 14th. Congressional District with Sandy’s infectious charms and Socialist propaganda. The Socialist themes seduced the Latino electorate. Take the guns from law-abiding citizens. Promise free and half price housing because it’s a human right. Abolish ICE and its agents that are arresting your illegal relatives. Open borders, no walls. Citizenship for all illegals. Free college, no fees or tuition. Guaranteed jobs for anyone who wants to work for $15 per hour with full benefits. Support for any who can’t work and those that don’t feel like working (the lazy). Free medical benefits for all. Free retirement for all. If we don’t adopt her New Green Deal the world will end in 12 years.

Cradle to grave… everything free and everyone provided for even if you don’t want to work, big brother government will have your back. The question is, “who is paying for all the free stuff?”

Friends, if you can see past Cortez’s charismatic veneer, striking good looks, and her loquacious speech you will discover Sandy the bartender, a real-life Socialist. I mean a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialist Party. If you truly listen to the ridiculous things she says and the ideas and legislation she is supporting, you will know that she has little understanding and wisdom and was not elected because of her policy views, but ethnicity, wackiness, and attractive looks.


3 Responses to MEET SANDY THE BARTENDER aka Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

  1. Howard says:

    She is a dangerous mess.


  2. Brady says:

    That horse-faced is nowhere near attractive. Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.


  3. Bob Bobby says:

    Hahahaha that b#%^& is as dumb they come.


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