DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Proves Once Again DNC Is The Party Of Corruption From The Top Down

wassuman clintonHillary Clinton’s scheming corrupt surrogate, DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was caught in the act of diabolical Clintonism corruption. Wasserman, Hillary’s co-chair of her failed 2008 White House bid, was caught executing the Clinton Scheme to destroy Sanders and steal the 2016 nomination—it worked, but she is now exposed. Obviously, Wasserman did not act alone, for no one could carry out such an elaborately rigged plot involving over 19,000 emails. Poor Bernie, he never had a fair chance against corrupt Hillary and her cronies. Fortunately, Wasserman and her co-conspirators were not as proficient at deleting thousands of incriminating emails as was Hillary. The committee of corruption got caught lying, cheating, deceiving and defrauding the American people with their rigged system and theatrical chicanery. A reported 19,000 emails directing the “Destroy Bernie Scheme” have been cited as evidence of the evil scheme. Calls for Wasserman’s resignation can be heard from protesters in the streets and among some pundits. In a desperate effort to divert attention from the dastardly scandal, Clinton operatives have fabricated a story blaming the Russians for stealing the emails to help Trump. Hillary Clinton is truly the candidate of lies and corruption. How could anyone vote for such a person?

Hillary Clinton is a shameless political fraud and pathological liar. She is unworthy to be our president. The radical liberal media is replete with Clinton surrogates and Trump assassins ready to twist, lie and condemn anything or anybody Trump. The mere mention of Trump’s name among these social elitist elicits rapid ridicule, mockery and scornful rhetoric. The entire country should be demanding Hillary Clinton step down from her White House bid on the grounds of cheating, lying and defrauding her way to the nomination. She should be disqualified.

Hillary’s Rap Sheet: The Abridged Version

  • Benghazi: Americans’ cries for help ignored by Hillary—4 dead.
  • Operated an unauthorized and secret email server in her basement and lied about it.
  • Obstruction of justice: deletes over 30,000 emails and avoids prosecution.
  • Lied about all her grandparents being immigrants (3 of 4 are not).  
  • Travelgate: Fired and falsely accused White House employees of financial improprieties. Forced to rehire the fired staff.
  • Whitewater scandal: Hillary hides documents for 5 days and lies.
  • Zippergate: Attacks husband’s sex partner, denying Bill’s infidelity and calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.” 
  • Continually lies about Bill’s numerous sexual escapades and says it is all part of a Republican conspiracy. 
  • Clinton and Wasserman scandal to destroy Bernie Sanders. 
  • Hires crooked DNC chairwoman, Wasserman, to be honorary chair of her 2016 campaign. 
  • When asked if she had always told the truth to Americans? She replied, “I have always tried to” tell the truth, and added “I don’t believe I ever have” lied to the American people.

“SHE LIED TO ME…” You be the judge. Watch Pat Smith’s heart breaking plea as she shares the painful truth about Hillary Clinton’s role in her son’s murder. “SHE LIED TO ME…”


Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to lie, deceive and manipulate the minds of the easily fooled. She could not do this without the support of the radical liberal media that appears to be allergic to truth.