The Socialist Mindset Views Our U. S. Constitution And The Bill of Rights As The “Doctrines of Devils.” 


  • Is your home a business to be regulated like any other business?
  • What is the difference between our constitutional rights and government privileges?
  • Does public safety, health and welfare supersede our individual right of privacy?
  • Is socialism the path to full-blow communism? Featured video: Socialism 2015.
  • Are our housing laws insufficient to protect tenants?
  • Can new laws be enacted that violate existing constitutional laws?
  • Is there any standard that all laws must meet before becoming a law?


Our homes are the last vestige of privacy from government intrusion. Our home is a sanctuary and shelter from life’s storms. In the privacy of our home we share our most intimate and precious experiences. For most of us our home is the place where our children were conceived, took their first steps, spoke their first words and embraced our love. Home is where we fall on our knees and cry out to God for peace, strength, wisdom and forgiveness. In times of confusion or uncertainty we retreat to the safety of our homes, lock the door and shut out the world. Our home is the place where our greatest joys and deepest sorrows are played out. It is our hallowed and private dwelling where searching and prying eyes are forbidden. We must not allow misguided propagandist to redefine our homes as businesses because it serves their hidden agenda. Our private homes must be kept private and safe from socialist propaganda bent on destroying our constitutional right of privacy.

Rental Registry (RR) proponents do not care about the sanctity and privacy of our homes. According to their misguided agenda they want to redefined our homes as a business to be governed, regulated, taxed and fined just like any other business. We cannot allow these political activist to wrap their suffocating tentacles around our liberty and choke-out our 4th. Amendment right of privacy. Therefore, it is our goal that through the information provided here and in all our published articles you too will come to understand the importance of defeating this unconstitutional RR law.

Q.   RR proponents are attempting to redefine our rental home as a business and believe our home should be regulated and treated just like any other business. Do you agree?

A.  While renting a home in exchange for money may be considered a business transaction, it is the exclusive use of the home as our private residence that uniquely qualifies it as completely different from a business.

For over 225 years the American home has been considered a separate and unique place that must remain protected from government intrusion. Whether our homes are leased, mortgaged, leased to purchase, part of a trust, owned by a corporation or a modest rented room they are all fully protected under the U. S. Constitution’s 4th. Amendment. The framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights believed our God endowed privacy rights to be of such paramount importance they specifically defined for all future generations the immutable relationship between government and our private lives and homes know as the 4th. Amendment. This understanding is clearly delineated in our U. S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights under the 4th. Amendment to wit:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

king george

King George III

The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to limit the powers of government. The 4th. Amendment was drafted to prohibit the abusive illegal searches once used by the British Monarchy to terrorize the colonist into submission and search anyone’s home at the sole discretion of the government officials. No “probable cause” was established to obtain these “writs of assistance” and the court ordered “writ” gave carte blanche authority to the government officials. If you resisted, the government could break down your door. No one was safe from these unwarranted government searches. These abusive “writs” were used to conduct illegal intrusive “compliance searches” of every square foot of the colonist’s homes (sounds familiar). It was an absolute nightmare and the founding fathers wanted to be absolutely certain that this tyranny would never be practiced by our new American government officials. It is not difficult to imagine what Madison, Jefferson and Franklin would say to RR propagandist today when they showed up to search their homes.

Jefferson indicted King George III and his tyrannical laws in the Declaration of Independence by devoting nearly one-half of the words (656 of the 1323 words) to the King’s oppressive, burdensome and misguided behavior as one “unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Jefferson wrote:

The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

                                                     —Declaration of Independence

The RR laws are actually more abusive than the British writs because the RR program will create new laws that incorporate an illegal warrantless search of our homes. Forget about writs, warrants or court orders, the RR police will be authorized to violate your constitutional 4th. Amendment rights and walk into your home against your will and it will be a lawful intrusion. Failure to comply with RR laws could result in serious fines ranging between $100 to $500 per day.

Let’s be crystal clear on this point; our homes have never been a businessthey are our homes. They are not to be treated or regulated “just like any other business” because they are uniquely different and protected under the supreme law of the land. In our homes we eat dinner, but it’s not a restaurant. We sleep in our beds, but it’s not a hotel. We enjoy movies, music, and dance, but it’s not a theater or ballroom. We may even drink a little too much, but we will not be arrested for intoxication. Inside our homes our children learn to speak, read and write, but it’s not a public school. Inside the walls of our home we share and reveal our deepest thoughts in full confidence, but it’s not a counseling office. Some of our family members were born in our homes and others died there, but our home is neither a hospital nor mortuary. Should any criminal intruders breach the threshold of our homes it is our God-given unalienable right and responsibility to defend our homes and family even with the use of deadly force, if necessary, against all criminal break-ins. There is simply no place on earth like our home and it must remain free of prying government eyes.

Where else but in our homes are we truly free to live out our God endowed “unalienable Rights” that Jefferson first penned in 1776, among which are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.                                                                                                                                                                                          —Declaration of Independence

These “Rights” of which we speak are not owned or bestowed upon us by a government of mortals, but by the Creator himself. It is our God-given unalienable right to be safe and secure in our homes against unwarranted government searches. No laws, ordinances, codes, etc. should ever be considered or enacted that authorize government officials to enter our homes to search for violations of any laws without first establishing a “probable cause.” Such laws are cleverly designed socialist ploys to deprive us of our Rights. These pernicious laws must be defeated.

The founding fathers declared our God endowed Rights to be self-evident and no government has the right to violate them. These self-evident truths have stood the test of time as has our nation and U. S. Constitution, but not without a cost. The preservation of our “Rights” have come at a great cost to our nation as our young men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend these truths and keep our nation free from socialism, communism and tyranny.

This is why we are deeply disturbed by the unmitigated audacity of RR advocates and some politicians who have no respect for our unalienable right of privacy which is clearly evidenced through their nefarious attempt to gain unauthorized entrance into our homes. We neither want or need government officials searching our homes.

Just because a few misguided political activist believe it would be a good idea to check our homes for violations of the law does not meet the test of establishing “probable cause” to enter our homes and do a “compliance search.” No one has the right to demand we unlock our doors and submit to an illegal search simply because they concluded the rest of us are too stupid to manage our personal and private living situation. We do not need the government searching our bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere inside our homes. The tranquility and serenity of our homes must be protected from disruptive government intrusion. We cannot and must not allow this socialist driven RR to destroy the sanctity of our homes, force us to pay a fee and violate our constitutional right to privacy.

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            — Robert A. Heinlein

We must not remain silent and allow misguided RR propagandist to steal our constitutional “Rights.”

Q.   What is the difference between having a “right to privacy” in our homes and privacy being a privilege granted by the government

rights-vs-privilegesA.   When we speak of “Rights” we are referring to Rights that are inherent, permanent and unalienable. Rights endowed upon us by the Creator. Conversely, “privileges” are things that are given to you and may be taken away. One devious tenet of socialism is the conversion of our “rights” into “privileges” by requiring elaborate registration programs and unnecessary licenses or permits for doing things that the government does not have the delegated power to exercise, except by due process.

In the case of a RR laws, property owners are forced by law to register their property with the city, pay a hefty fee between $100 and $ 190 while unknowing consenting to a home invasion search for violations of the law. Therefore, the forced registration law becomes an illegal artifice to violate the occupants constitutionally protected right of privacy. The occupant in a rental unit is still protected under the 4th. Amendment from this illegal search while concurrently the RR law says we have no rights—unlock the door. Plotting to undermine our 4th. Amendment’s right of privacy is precisely what RR proponents are seeking to do. Their scheme is clever, manipulative and diabolical.

It is our constitutional “right” not “privilege” to reject illegal access by government officials from entering our homes without first having established a “probable cause.” Therefore, routine searches (compliance search) of our homes to search for violations of the law are forbidden and illegal. Both U. S. and LA. State Constitutions protect citizens from such illegal searches.

We must remind our readers that the 4th. Amendment does not actually grant citizens the right of privacy in their homes, but instead acknowledges that the Creator has ordained certain unalienable rights to all mankind and they are not to be violated or taken away. It is only when a “probable cause” of an unlawful thing is established and information or testimony supporting such an allegation is sworn to before a magistrate of jurisdiction and a search warrant is issued that the government may enter your home. A “compliance search” has no “probable cause” and is therefore illegal.

The 4th Amendment is more than a declaration of our right to privacy, it servers as a warning, a directive to all future politicians, government officials and law enforcement that this “RIGHT SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED.”

The Bill of Rights was written to govern and restrict the powers of government, to guarantee that our Rights would not be violated by the government that we elect. But there are those among us who distort, twist, pervert and corrupt our laws and their meanings to suit their own desires. They are strangers to truth and contemptible demagogues. They care nothing for our 4th. Amendment right of privacy—nothing.

Q.   Doesn’t assuring the safety, health and welfare of the public supersede ones individual 4th. Amendment right of privacy?

A.   The argument can be made that in times of obvious danger or exigent circumstances for government officials to delay entrance into our homes would be irresponsible. Smoke pouring out the kitchen window or a person screaming for help inside the home would be cause for government officials to break down the door and enter our home. The evidence of an immediate and present danger is reasonable grounds to enter our homes. In such instances the safety, health and welfare of the occupants and public are at obvious risk and entering our homes is considered reasonable.

The proposed RR “compliance search,” however, is not based on any knowledge, observations or “probable cause” that there exist a real threat to anyone or anything. In other words, before government officials enter our homes they must possess reliable and reasonable information or knowledge that establishes a “probable cause” to believe upon entering a person’s private home they will discover a violation of the law. A government “compliance search” is not supported by any foreknowledge of an alleged violation and is therefore illegal. Our homes are protected under the 4th. Amendment from government officials entering without a “probable cause.” Otherwise, any and all government officials involved in law enforcement would have the right to come to your home 24/7, uninvited and against your will to search for violations of any and all laws.

RR propagandist have argued that government officials must perform “compliance searches” to discover violations inside our homes even when there is no “probable cause.” They believe it is more effective to initiate a search for violations rather than wait for citizens to report violations and establish a “probable cause.” However, this reasoning is flawed and illegal. Just as the government has certain rights, so do citizens. The law forbids government officials from searching our homes, automobiles or person for violations of the law without first establishing a “probable cause.” If we remain silent “big brother” is going to trample our “Rights.” We do not need excessive government programs violating our “Rights.”

“Big brother” government is the precursor to socialism. It is the gradual erosion of our constitutional “Rights” that is often not immediately discernible. Most of us are just to busy earning a living and trying to enjoy what precious little free time we have with family and friends. There is hardly time to monitor the agenda’s of political activist and socialist demagogues that are plotting to undermine our freedoms.

RR propagandist have no affinity for the U.S. Constitution or the 4th. Amendment. They are convinced that only they know what is best for us and are deluded by a false sense of superiority. They have brazenly appointed themselves as overseers of our personal lives and campaign for illegal legislation that strips us of our “Rights” and places strangers in control of our lives and homes. Apparently, RR proponents believe we are suffering from “diminished capacity” and are incapable of being trusted with the responsibility of managing our own lives and well-being. Moreover, with their feigned benevolence comes fees, fines and compliance cost estimated to exceeded $10 million. Look for soaring rents to further burden our community if these illegal laws are enacted.

Q.   Is socialism the path to communism?

wolvesA.  The socialist mind envision a country where the government owns and administrates all means of production (industry & business) and distribution of goods (equal portions for all). They imagine an America where no one owns private property or wealth and the government owns and controls everything except a few personal items in your government-owned home. According to Marxist ideology, socialism is a stage of society that when fully transitioned leads to full-blown communism.

Socialist ideology is a deceptively subtle evil that masquerades as a “help is on the way” philosophy. The RR program typifies this exploitative nature by preying upon the poorest, neediest and financially stressed members of our society that soon become the poster children for the war against evil American capitalist (the evil landlord). Gradually, laws are enacted to deprive individual rights, property control and ownership, private ownership of corporations and a class hatred that only the Jews of the holocaust could properly explain. As Professor Thompson of Ashland University explains:

Under socialism a ruling class of intellectuals, bureaucrats and social planners decide what people want or what is good for society and then use the coercive power of the State to regulate, tax, and redistribute the wealth of those who work for a living. In other words, socialism is a form of legalized theft.                                                                                                                                                         —C. Bradley Thompson

At the core of socialism is an insidious desire to increase societal dependency upon the government to manager every aspect of the human condition. The “cradle to grave” or “womb to tomb” dependency encapsulates the socialist mindset. Socialist ideology rejects America’s common sense approach of accepting individual responsibility for ones safety, health and welfare.

The socialist mind views our constitutional laws of the United States of America as the “doctrines of devils.” Socialist have a new Socialist Bill of Rights

You will often hear socialist say such things as, “the laws are broken, we want a level playing field, people are unsafe, children are at risk, and people are dying.” All of this is followed by inaccurate, misleading and skewed reports that are gross distortions of facts and used to instigate class hatred and warfare. Funded  by donations and tax dollar grants these propagandist stir up social unrest by isolating a few problems and spinning them as systemic societal problems that require more massive government programs and intervention. Socialist want more laws, regulations and bigger government to move us closer to a socialist society where the government freely provides everyone a home, food, money, healthcare, education, retirement and controls all means of production and businesses.

There is a high likelihood that some of our readers are thinking this is just not possible in America. However, before you conclude that we are incorrect, take a look at this video and these organizations:

The International Socialist Organization is planning their Socialism 2015 conference in Chicago, July 2-5. Socialist activist will teach lessons and develop strategies for advancing Socialism.

The Socialist Party USA is planning their 2015 National Convention in October.

Today’s socialist activist hope to become tomorrows socialist government leaders. Their appeal is to the lazy, the unproductive and the slackers by promising a “handout,” whereas capitalism offers a “hand up” to the diligent, the productive and the hardworking. These fundamental principles are not new, they are timeless truths that transcend mortal intellect.

Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

                                                                               —Proverbs 10:4

Under the socialist mindset individuals are seduced into believing they are incapable of managing their personal lives and life would be much better if the government takes over their personal responsibilities, thereby nurturing a growing dependency for socialistic government controls. Ultimately, the only individual rights that remain under such a mindset is ones right to an equal share of the communal assets according to ones needs of which the government predetermines, controls and dictates. The RR laws were conceived and birthed from a socialist mindset and are inconsistent with our society, not to mention constitutionally illegal.

Q.   RR propagandist have alleged that current laws are insufficient to protect renters from substandard housing conditions and negligent landlords cannot be held accountable to make repairs (T/F)?

A.   Absolutely False: RR propagandist have disseminated misinformation to the public and city council hoping to muddy the waters of truth. You can examine the detailed charts and reports in The Charts Tell the Real Story

Below are all the laws and codes for your review. Both landlords, tenants and code enforcement can access these laws to manage the entire rental relationship. They are detailed and effective.

The New Orleans Code of Ordinance, Chapter 26, provides exhaustive code details and operates in conjunction with the International Building Code (ICC), International Residential Code (IRC), National Electrical Code (NEC), (NSPC), International Mechanical Code (IMC), Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office and various code amendments specific to New Orleans (view all codes here). All property owners are subject to and are held accountable for code violations by citations, fines and judicial proceedings. There is no lack of laws and there is certainly no need for more laws whatsoever.

There are detailed state and municipal codes that clearly define the entire relationship between a tenant and a landlord and Louisiana’s Attorney General publishes a free (Handbook) to guide landlords and tenants through the process.

Every day the Attorney General’s Office receives questions and complaints involving landlord and tenant issues. Education is the best way to address these types of complaints and give you the answers you need.

                        —James D. “Buddy” Caldwell Attorney General

The existing New Orleans codes have been in place for years and provide for a complete and thorough process to address any complaint of a housing code violation. Under current law, code officials are “authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of this code.” Code Enforcement officials are duty bound to respond and investigate all complaints of code violations without exception. The resident’s complaint qualifies as an invitation to enter the home and search for the reported violation. Additionally, the complaint is reasonable grounds to establish “probable cause” that a violation of the law exist. Obtaining a sworn warrant to enter the home and search for the specific violation being reported would be granted, but is not necessary when the occupant invites the government inside to inspect their home. The process is outlined in Chapter 26 –Article IV – Division 3 – Sections 26 151 – 155 of the New Orleans Code Of Ordinances.

Q.   Can the New Orleans City Council enact laws that violate the U. S. Constitution and Louisiana’s Constitution.

A.   While it is ill-advised and illegal, council members can legislate just about anything they want to, legal or illegal. However, RR opponents will likely petition a Federal Judge to block the unconstitutional law which will eventual be nullified and rescinded. New Orleanians opposing the illegal RR will certainly take note of each council member’s position and mark those who have no respect for our constitutional rights.

In Garland, Texas tenants and landlords simply refused to comply with the RR process and filed suit against the city. After 7 trips to the court room the judge fined the city of Garland $100,000 for the defendants legal fees and issued a scathing rebuke for the unenforceable law.

Q.   Doesn’t a law or ordinance have to meet some standard or test of reasonableness before becoming a law. (Y/N)?

A.   A reasonable person would think so, but the answer is no. Laws are enacted for the stupidest reasons and there is neither time nor space to list them. That being said, laws that are not sensible are often created to satisfy some special interest group or groups and are sometimes illegal. The RR is the perfect example of an illegal law that emanates from an opportunity for self-validation. It is a convoluted hodgepodge of misinformation, skewed data and deception fostered by a socialist mindset.

Bad laws are simply an “arbitrary rule by force.”  If RR advocates have their way they will rule by force over our constitutionally protected right of privacy.


Excessive government is always expensive, oppressive, inconsiderate, wasteful, imprudent, unwanted, dysfunctional, and without justification. Everyone knows it, some complain about it, but most of us do little or nothing to stop it. If we allow excessive government to flourish, it will continue unabated.

Your voice matters! Here’s how you can help.

Leave a comment below. Contact your council member to express your opposition. Forward this article to others. Share us on Facebook. Click the follow button to the right and get on the email list to receive automatic updates. Let others know about the facts and invite them to get involved.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our position and hope you will get involved and take action today.


Your help is needed now to stop government intrusion. The Rental Registry is a bad idea and without your help it could become a $10 to $19 million tax on tenants and landlords.

Contacts for New Orleans City Council members and staff. Your voice matters!

City Council, STAY OUT of Private Residences!


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  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve been a renter and a homeowner and the government needs to stay out of my home no matter what. Everyone seems to be POWER drunk in government and wasteful. This kind of stuff just needs to stop. We need a new city council… let’s vote them out of office.


  2. C. Mc Donald says:

    The city council is a joke. Great job Bob.


  3. phyllis says:

    The City is being run by Communists. Using the term Socialism is putting a very fine line between the two entities. The crypto Jews that have been running Louisiana and the City of New Orleans for decades are now in full blown Communist mode. Communism is Judaism and the Jewish Oligarchs run New Orleans and have done so for over half a century. The entire nation is under the exact same stranglehold.


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